WiFi Delivered

Our Mission

Our mission is to take the guesswork out of getting our customers online and keeping them online. All while providing a pleasant customer support experience.

WiFi Delivered (previously Wander Broadband) was created to bring together the love of wandering and the need to stay connected while taking the learning curve and guesswork out of getting it done.

Extraordinary Experiences

We have always expected our own customer service experiences to be positive and helpful. We strive to provide to our customers with the level of service that is exactly what we would expect for ourselves from any company we do business with.

We hope that you don’t ever need a customer service experience with us beyond your experience here on our site (Which is a big customer experience as well) but if you do, we are here to help and we will do all within our power to take care of you as we expect to be taken care of.

Remote Connectivity Solutions Provider

Wifi Delivered is always looking for ways to better serve our customers. Whether via one-on-one US based support, or the latest technology that we can incorporate to better improve your connectivity experience. we are constantly trying to evolve for our customers benefit.

A Note on Data Services “Resellers”

Wifi Delivered is a seller of remote connectivity managed solutions and customer services.

The data services we use come from You. WiFi Delivered is NOT an overpriced data plan reseller.

It is not easy to source data plans that are cost effective. If you cannot, or do not want to, provide your own wireless data plan, we can help source one for you for a low cost monthly fee. These plan costs are listed in our product offerings.

We are a service company. This is what our customers are paying for. We “sell” managed connectivity solution services, and in doing so we offer support and services that many others do not, or can not, provide. We cover the wireless routing and modem devices to you. It is our device, we do not sell them to our customers, and we keep it updated and even replace when needed. We watch your wireless connection(s) for issues and remotely service your WiFi.  We also report to you  your data usage in a simple to find format.

This is the real product we sell. Our time and knowledge to get, and keep, you online.

Real Connection Monitoring

Here at WiFiDelivered we don’t just ship off a router and hope you never call us about anything. We actually pay attention to our customers connectivity and uptime and more importantly, downtime. We know when your system has been down and for how long. We monitor and support your connection so that you don’t have to. 

We keep your router and modem firmware up to date so that you are secure and bug free, and we replace your hardware when needed. You don’t have to do a thing but enjoy the internet for whatever you need it for.

Please see our FAQ page for answers to questions that we have received in the past and that you may have as well.

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