BYOD Rules

WiFi Delivered sells managed remote connectivity services. We are not a generic  “Data Reseller”.

We use our own hardware and software, we provide our hardware with a device deposit, and we both manage it ourselves and update it as often as deemed necessary.

We will replace and upgrade our devices as needed as well, free of charge to our monthly managed service customers.

We do consider device trades for credit towards our hardware. this helps alleviate costs that customers have already spent on hardware with previous services. We may also be able to modify your hardware to work with our systems.

If you wish to speak with us about your device and the possibility of modifying it to work with our software or helping you sell or trade your device, contact us and we will see if we can help.

WiFi Delivered does not guarantee that we will accept, or help with, your device.

**We have full access to the controls of our devices, but we do not log your activities nor want to see what our customer traffic is doing. We only need access for connectivity and maintenance support via remote connection. This is the basis of our services.

Contact us anytime if you have any questions.

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